Public mobile phone chargers

Vending machine style chargers suitable for pubs and clubs, schools and colleges, offices and factories ... anywhere where you'll find people!

As mobile phones get more and more advanced and their capabilities increase, their battery life is getting shorter.

Many recent smartphones will only last a day or two before they need charging*.

With the majority of people now relying on their mobiles to keep in touch with friends and family, to work whilst on the go and even serve as a portable media player for those long journeys; keeping their mobile charged and ready to go is more important than ever!...

Mobile phone charging vending is currently very successful in the Far East and the United States. Now it’s proving to do the same in the UK & Ireland. Our advertising screens are a new and unique concept to hit these shores and not just another vending opportunity. 


They’ll charge 95% of all mobile phones in minutes. The only phones they won’t charge are the older models that are no longer common.

Simply plug in your phone, enter £1 and you’re away! Customers can use their phones immediately if they have an emergency call to make.

It is a high pulse charge that generates a “super boost” giving the customer a better charge than your standard, manufacturer supplied charger. While their phone is charging, they will be looking at advertisements that are on your machines, the advertising slots are very productive for the advertiser.

The adverts rotate on a slideshow 24/7, every minute of the day or for as long as the venue is open for.

The advertisement can be a static picture or a short video to promote the products. These range from taxis, Indian restaurants, Chinese restaurants, cleaning services, mobile phones of course! The list is endless.

How does it work?

When your mobile phone, iPhone or iPad runs out of charge you simply select from the variety of leads, including the ever-popular mini USB. Pop in your pound coin. 10-15 minutes later you phone is fully charged.

An added advantage is that the phone is disinfected by an Ultra Violet lamp which kills any germs. Particularly useful when your best friend who is full of cold borrows your phone!

 Whilst the phone is charging it can be used it of course and it the mean time the customer gets the chance to peruse the adverts.

* Based on average high specification mobile phones






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